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The sharing and development of resources is a priority. Physical materials such as folders and prayer cards are available, and the hope is to develop resources as suggested to us by Religious Education leaders and then share them with other school communities.

The development and sharing of established resources will assist all teachers in our respective communities to have access to engaging and accurate material.

Resources are filed and stored under the following headings.

1. DMFEN Signposts

The DMFEN Charism Committee has identified key characteristics and priorities to St Eugene’s ministry.  A ministry focussing on “Service, Community, Spirituality, Dignity and Learning” are easily identified as part of Oblate Ministry and De Mazenod Family Charism. St Eugene provided directions and many quotations which makes the Charism very identifiable. “Missionary, Loving, Zealous, Compassionate and Celebrating” are words used to capture the essence of St Eugene’s work.

The Signposts available to schools with examples of St Eugene’s life, quotes, scriptural references, reflections, prayers, and professional learning workshops will hopefully be an invaluable resource for schools.

2. Life of St Eugene & the Charism

Resources created and shared helps us to understand the DMF Charism by reflecting on St Eugene’s life, especially his Moments of Grace. This material serves as an introduction that is further investigated and considered at conferences, retreats, and on the pilgrimage.

3. History of the Oblates (Australia)

Since 1894 when the Oblates arrived at Fremantle the Oblate Missionaries of Mary Immaculate have inspired so many people, not just in schools, but parishes, street mission work and prison chaplaincy. Resources to understand the impact of the Oblate Fathers and the work of the various communities provides invaluable insights into the Charism of St Eugene.

4. Prayers – Reflections

Prayers and reflections feature in all our communities on a daily basis and on special occasions. Sharing such resources can provide inspiration and build capacity.
The DMFEN is also available to locate of create resources for specific events or activities on request.

5. Liturgies

All our schools are creating documents to complement their liturgies. Occasionally an image or reading can be utilised from this pool of resources.

6. Oblate Commentaries

Several of the Oblates are highly regarded in Theological Institutions. It is invaluable to have their thoughts and reflections accessible. Resources can be used for retreats, workshops and reflection days for both staff and students.

7. Laudato Si Action Platform

The DMF Education Network is a member of the Laudato Si Action Platform. This enables collective representation of schools directly or indirectly connected to the DMF Education Network and the GoGreen Student Voice initiatives. The initiatives are designed to connect schools, social enterprises, and corporates, by understanding more about sustainable projects, educational resources and conferences / events that exist in our broader communities.

8. Workshops for Retreats & Classes

All our affiliated schools conduct Retreats and Reflection Days. Often material must be modified to accommodate specific programmes but having copies of activities available to be appropriately utilised and adjusted is a useful resource for Religious Education and Faith Leaders.
Where possible DMF Education Network staff are available to conduct programmes or be directed to construct programmes for your needs.

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