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A Saint for our Times

“In the life of St Eugene, a multitude of persons can find something to which they can relate. The problems plaguing the world today are the same problems with which Eugene dealt in his day. People still struggle with anger, causing divisions and hurt feelings. Families still find themselves becoming refugees, placing many in foreign lands without their consent. The divorce rate remains high, causing grief for children who have done no wrong and inspiring animosity between spouses. Governments continue to threaten the open practice of religion, forcing many to fear that their way of life might soon be jeopardized. Prisoners are still shunned, denying the opportunity for forgiveness. Religious education continues to be inadequate, perpetuating ignorance of the true teachings of the Church. The poor remain, plagued by starvation and other anxieties. Some priests still fail to develop proper preaching skills, leaving many of the faithful without spiritual guidance. Faith continues to be forced out of the public square, further secularizing the culture.

Yet, no person who suffers from any of the issues mentioned above need be defined by their struggles. Saint Eugene refused to let the pains of his youth stop him from realizing the Lord’s plan for him, and the problems he faced as an adult could not stop him from carrying out his ministry. All who feel abandoned can look to Saint Eugene and his example of not being defined by the struggles he endured. Eugene knew who he was in the eyes of the Lord, and he desires to help everyone make the same discovery today.”
– Alex R. Hey, Eugene de Mazenod: A Saint for Today, 2017.

That is why Saint Eugene is the Saint of our times!

Reflection Questions

  1. What contemporary experience or social issue do you find connects with the life and mission of St Eugene?
  2. What experience in your own life mirrors that of Eugene’s? How is St Eugene a modern saint for you?

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