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Advocate of Justice

It was not only a matter of preaching ‘justice’ according to the Gospel values, but justice had to be seen to be done. The aftermath of the Revolution left many problems. Properties had been confiscated, then resold at very low prices with paper money that had no real value. In their parish missions Father de Mazenod and his missionaries always set up a mediation board to arbitrate such matters. Reports from such meetings showed that all parties seemed happy with the outcome. These mediation boards had no legal standing. They were unofficial offices set up to put an end to dissension between groups and rivalries between families. The missionaries could not simply preach a gospel of beautiful platitudes.

Reflection Questions

1. Reflect on St Eugene’s faith – one that was brimming in love for God, but also ignited with a deep love for God’s people; both a contemplative and an active life. Ask St Eugene for advice on getting better at this combination.

2. A peace gained from burying our heads in the sand is not of God – a lived faith involves fighting the fight for others. There is so much injustice in our society, what is one way God might be calling you to fight for His people?

Br Joshua Nash OMI

Fr Christian Fini OMI

Fr Christian Fini OMI

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