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Evangelizer of Many Nations

The aim of Eugene when he began his small band of missionaries was to revive the faith in the people of the southern part of France. However before his death in 1861, less than 50 years later, his Oblate sons had gone to preach the ‘good news’ to many other parts of the world. In 1841 missionaries were sent to Canada. Then they would go to Sri Lanka, South Africa, and England and Ireland. The horizon of his missionaries was extending to the ends of the earth. The overseas missionaries were to bring the Gospel to those who had never heard it, not just be consolidators of existing communities. In a letter to Bishop Semeria OMI in Sri Lanka he asked, “Are we never going to start working for the conversion of unbelievers of whom there is such a huge number in your island “.

Reflection Questions

1. When was the last time you shared some information with someone in order to benefit them? Perhaps a sale that was on, the location of a cosy café, or a nifty phone app? What drove you to share this? What was your reaction if they did not show interest in this information?

2. The desire to evangelise stems from a deep awareness of God’s love for us as individuals, and the desire to share this love. Does our need to share God come from a sense of being loved by God, or a sense of fear?

Fr Christian Fini OMI

Fr Andrew Chen OMI

Fr Giancarlo Iollo OMI

Br Joshua Nash OMI

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