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Preacher of the Good News

For Eugene the Good News he proclaimed was, “You are children of God, the brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ.” For a people who were little regarded in society, they were hearing something good and positive. This approach would characterize Eugene’s preaching. He would at times be very blunt, but always with a message to build up the self-worth of the individual. Father de Mazenod had great confidence in the parish missions because they provided an excellent opportunity for Christians to renew themselves. This is expressed in the first Rules written by Eugene in 1818. “Our one and only aim should be to instruct the people… to ensure that they go back home edified, touched and instructed, able to repeat in their own family circle what they have learned from our mouth.”

Reflection Questions

1. What does it mean to you to be a child of God? Jot down as many tangible benefits to being a child of God.

2. How deeply do we believe our faith is “Good News”, not only for the next world but in the here and now, amidst pandemics, heartache and trials? Identify three aspects of our faith, the Good News, that can edify someone, touch the heart of someone, and inform someone.

Fr Pat Moroney OMI

Fr Christian Fini OMI

Fr Andrew Chen OMI

Fr Pat Moroney OMI


Preacher of the Good News

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