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Shepherd of Prisoners

Eugene considered those in prison as being abandoned. The practice in France at the beginning of the 19th century was to refuse the Eucharist to prisoners condemned to death because they were judged unworthy. Eugene thought differently. Not only did he give communion to the condemned prisoner, he would even celebrate Mass for the condemned prisoner. He would accompany the condemned right to the scaffold which was erected a short distance outside the prison. There were also many prisoners of war in Aix in 1814. In the overcrowded and unsanitary conditions a typhus epidemic brolce out. Many died including the chaplain. Seeing these poor people abandoned Eugene volunteered himself as chaplain. It was not long before he himself contracted typhus and almost died.

Reflection Questions

1. “St Eugene thought differently”, not as the world does but seeking God’s thoughts. That appears to be a key factor in the fruitfulness of Eugene’s ministry. What are some of our views that are centred on human thinking? How can we centre them back on God?

2. How do we see God? As someone who needs protection from our sins? Or someone who saves us from them? Consider ways of being brutally honest with God – tell Him your sadness, disappointments, agitations. Be vulnerable with God

Fr Andrew Chen OMI

Fr Christian Fini

Fr Pat Moroney

Fr Pat Moroney


Shepherd of Prisoners

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